Who We Are

Our Story

Giramondo Global was founded by our President Tony Mazzarolo, in 2012. Tony’s background includes senior sales and marketing roles with several Tier 1 beverage alcohol suppliers including, Pernod Ricard, Treasury Wine Estates and Campari.

Tony’s passion is bringing new, contemporary, boutique and internationally proven brands to Canada, but more importantly he is driven by success. Once we take your brand on as part of our portfolio, Giramondo Global will explore every possible avenue to make your brand a profitable success story in every market in Canada.

This background has allowed Tony to drive our agency in the right direction for our product suppliers. He quickly realized that:

  1. There are many successful suppliers looking for “quality” representation in the Canadian market
  2. The majority of “agents” in Canada have little time for “new” brands and are not willing to put the effort into bringing successful international brands to Canada
  3. Understanding and having the “connections” within each Canadian province is essential to your brand’s success. Most agents focus on 1 province.
  4. Most agents talk a good game, but in most cases the supplier partner does all the work. How is that a “partnership”?

Our Values

  • Professionalism and Integrity
  • Selective product assortment
  • Initial and sustainable growth

  • Social responsibility
  • Your Brand is OUR BRAND!